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 To the summit

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PostSubject: To the summit   Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:27 am

The time had almost come for the summit of the kage, while I didnt quite know what that had to do with me yet Aeran had requested that I go to the hidden sky village to meet with him for a plan. I performed a few hand seals as I jumped off a cliff into a deep canyon, biting my finger mid-way down and placing my hand out to summon the giant hawk Kaze beneath me. He looked to me for a moment and asked, "Alright so obviously we are traveling somewhere, just give me a destination." I nodded to him, "Aerogakure, got a meeting o catch." He nodded back to me and soared off at his intense speed. By the time night fell we had arrived and he went home. I would check into a hotel and rest, tomorrow was going o be a long day.

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To the summit
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