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 No Face: Slender

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PostSubject: No Face: Slender   Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:20 pm

Background Info: Reports of missing children are rampant in Morigakure. No one knows why they disappear, the parents just find them gone. Those who have gone to look for the children have never come back. The only thing tying the disappearances together is a sort of mass paranoia that takes over the children, and it seems the children draw similar things days before they are disappear: a circle with no face, a note that says "No eyes. Sees you.", another note that says "Always watching" and a picture of a blank stick figure in a suit surrounded by trees. The kage would like you to see what is going on, and bring peace to Morigakure.

You have just encountered the capture, a supernatural being called "The Slender Man". You have pieced the clues together. Find his lair in the Morigakure forest. Go during the day, it would be the smartest thing to do.

Description: You have pieced together all the clues on this "Slender Man". You do not know how it works, or if it is of this planet, but it has terrorized Morigakure for the last time. Go deep into the forest and confront him. But do not stay in there when night comes. Go into the forest and try to find him. However, you will be unable to find him unless you collect eight pages, all written by children. You do not know why, but as you enter the forest you feel compelled to. Periodically you may see this Slender Man in the corner of your eye, but never for real. You feel like he's stalked you and has lured you here, but it could just be paranoia.

- In a topic consisting of no less than 1800 words, travel deep into the Morigakure forest and find this Slender Man.

- Find the pages, and make sure the day progresses. By the final page it should be night. When that happens the mission is over and post the link here.

- The assassins also carry gas that causes those who inhale it to see a pale-white man with no face in a black suit with either a red or black tie. This causes immense fear into those who inhale it, and reduces all stats by 10%.

- As you stay in the forest you will slowly descend into "slender sickness", a symptom of Slender Man's stalking. It is much similar to the witness you encountered. Find these pages, for now this is your only goal.

- Be realistic, be scared. Delve into the forest. If not your reward is forfeit.

- When you are finished post the completed topic here, along with the word count.

NPC (If any):


Reward: 13000 Ryo

Difficulty: A


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No Face: Slender
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