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 Meng Seinaru

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PostSubject: Meng Seinaru   Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:16 am

Meng Shichiho Seinaru

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name:Meng Seinaru
Birthday:October 31st, 1998
Weight:103 lbs

Elemental Affinity:Junsuina Kaminari


Section 2: Personality

Personality:Meng acts much like a child, happy loving cheerful and never letting anyone bring her down, very little is she a scary person but she as well has the mindset of an adult loving to fight when she can but often times she jokes around or messes with anyone be it enemy and friend.

She prides in her fighting and loves to be hit as it drives her to want to fight more around allies and friends if they can ever find her she is quite friendly though who present a target she acts the same with them and is often time a very opening and welcoming person.

Likes:The outdoors: SHe simply loves the outdoors and hates being inside, it's something of a bore and something that she feels will make her fall off the face of the earth and its something she needs she likes how big the world is and loves to go around and check out new things when she can.

friends: Meng loves friends! Though if they are mean to her she teaches them a lesson but she looks to them for alot of decisions in life and absolutely loves to be around them when she is not in the Anghor mountains other than that she is always keeping in close touch with them when she can.

enemies: You always have to have a good enemy, always! If you don't have some good enemies you can never live life, and she prides herself in having enemies just as close as she has her friends though most enemies find or would find her too friendly to deal with but that is besides the point point is you cannot have peace in the world so you might as well have a few good enemies to work with!

solitude: THough it is a rare thing for Meng she loves the quietness when she wants it often time she doesn't but she loves the silence when her want to be silent arises but most of the time she is loud and things but when she feels like she needs to meditate she does and she prefers the solitude and silence far from the world.

Dislikes/Fears:Her home will never be renewed and its this fear that makes her strive to do things more than the normal seinaru she pushes herself to the limit in all things she does to make sure that her home can have a brighter tomorrow even if it means giving her life.

She will never be able to find a good fight and its something that all fighters fear, What happens when you have beaten everyone? You will have no one else to fight and then what? What if the fight is what is prided most and yet you can find no one who is worth yof the challenge, Meng makes sure that she will always have someone to fight to make sure that future is secured.

Motivation:Meng wants to one day be renowned as one of the most famous of her Clan in everything she did

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline Ability:Holy Lightning
History of Clan:They say when that when the world was created three forces struggled for power, darkness, light and the angles who joined both sides. These early wars are lost to the overwhelming decay of time until there is nothing more than whispered tales of legends half forgotten a millennium ago. The Seinaru are believed to be literal 'gods' that fall from the heavens above to reside on the earth. Seinaru are not born like regular people, instead they descend as infants already capable of speech to select families of 'Guardians' that dot the world. These Guardians raise the Seinaru children like regular humans within the villages they inhabit and do not reveal their ward's heritage until they reach the age of eleven, when they regale their ward's with the Seinaru's secret history. The Seinaru live in a world above our own, invisible to all, in fact what we perceive as the sky is actually the lowest tier of their kingdom, hidden by an incredibly powerful technique. In the ancient war long ago the Seinaru won, claiming their place as the overlords of the world and claiming the title of 'gods'. In the millenia that followed the Seinaru lived idyllic lives with no conflict, no strife as they watched over both the Humans and their ancient nemesis the Henkaku. When the age of the shinobi began the Seinaru had begun to decay, their ancient cities so magnificent had become cesspools of immorality, crime and poverty. A civil war had begun in the heavens hidden from the world of men and in a year of outright warfare the Seinaru came close to destroying even themselves. It was during this time they began sending their children to the world below, both to protect them and to harden them so they could return to continue the war above. These chosen children would live amongst the shinobi for years, learning and growing stronger until the day they would decide to return home. In the most secret meetings the Seinaru they speak whispered words of a truth so important that they have kept it hidden for generations, they are the worlds light, raised to the heavens after their struggle for dominion in the ancient past of the world's creation. In this time they watch and wait, terrified that the world of men below will discover their weakness and rise up once more in a war for dominion.
Location of Clan:Scattered, All around

Section 4: Background

Character History:When Meng opened her eyes as an infant she felt as if she could understand more than the normal being and within little time she knew exactly who she was and what her purpose was and it was from there her Guardian Konowo began to raise her as if it was his own child, it was through out the years that she learned many things. What had happened to their home, where they were and what their purpose was here and instantly she understood.

By the time she had hit the age of four she was already training her little fists punching what she could for a while though in time the pain caught up and she had to stop, then she would continue with her legs and shins and then stop and the rotation kept on, but she felt that everytime she hit something she felt a rage quell up inside of her. A lust to fight, something she couldn't explain but it felt natural and she just went along with it.

When she had hit the age of 10 she had saved up what money she had been receiving from her guardian she was saving it up for something though she couldn't put her tongue on it and so she began to travel not too far from where she came from and discovered many sights that natured had to offer and so she began to venture into them having found many creatures though she kept far off from them, even ancient tree's it was something that she loved but eventually she headed back home.

At the age of 15 she had long since passed her course and had traveled to the Chikagakure Village to live but in time she didn't like all of the people she was around though she showed no one these emotions and humbly asked the Kage of the village to live elsewhere, when her request was answered she began to make her way towards the anghor mountains, along her way she noticed differences in what she had seen before many things in fact she had noticed mountains and taller tree's and even along the way a merchant selling weapons she had noticed a Katana relatively good quality merchant said it belonged to a famous Samurai but she had no knowledge over the Samurai or at least not enough to know, and so she bought it and even had a little change to spare and made her way into the anghor mountains and vanished from the world. or at least from everyone else aside from Chikagakure.

RP Sample:Meng was laying at the edge of a cliff board out of her mind, her katana placed just over her head as she let out a loud huff, her bottom lip was jutting out as she said, Ahh! Nothing to do todayyyyyy!!!!" she screamed aloud as she kicked her feet and slammed her hands lightly like a baby, she sat up her brows were furrowed and her lip was still jutted out her long blond hair flowing with the wind and her golden hue's focused on the lands below and from the distance she spotted some odd people she hadn't seen around the Chikagakure and so she jumped down from the mountain being a dead giveaway as she screamed out, "WOOOHOO!" and as she landed she made a rather impressively loud thud the ground beneath her cracked despite her size which was off putting.

as she stood up she had placed her Katana over her shoulders and her pinky was sticking out as to present some formality she smiled and waved at them, "HIII!, What'cha guys doinnn!?" She said as she rushed them and they went on the offensive taking out their weapon, she examined them and her eyes went wide, though they would have viewed her action as a form of terror she simply replied with excitement, OOOH! Cool weapons!" she screamed out as she rushed them again and this time they rushed her, as the first of the duo lashed out she ducked under the Kunai and jabbed the hilt of her katana into his stomach; As the man hit the ground from what he felt was an excessive amount of force the other one hesitated as she took a seat on the first one squirming a bit, "This one's not too comfortable! Perhaps you will make a comfortable seat!" She said with delight as she popped up and chased after him, which forced him to run, This man had never run across such a odd and happy person who had this much strength Meng chased him all the way down to the borders between Chikagakure and Morigakure before she stopped, she turned around and made her way back home.

By the time she got there the other one was gone and she sighed in an overbearing and loud way making it look too dramatic for anyone who would have been around her then she began to fake cry, "WAAAAHHHH BORED AGAIN!" she screamed out before walking back into the mountains to enjoy the rest of her BORING day.
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Nice app


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Meng Seinaru
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