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 Pik - Personal Summon/Free D Rank

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PostSubject: Pik - Personal Summon/Free D Rank   Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:17 am

Rank of Summon: D
Element Affinity: Doton (Mud)
Family: Salamander
Personality: Pik is a loyal, yet playful salamander. Since he was trained my Yuurei, he remains loyal and is with him almost all of the time. He doesn't take most things seriously. The only times he will become serious is when Yuurei says there's a serious matter at hand.
Size: 2'3" (Height; Pik only walks on all fours) 3' (Length with tail)
Description: Pik can talk like a normal human and has the base speed of a genin

Mud Shot: One post charge. After the charge, Pik forms a small ball of mud in his mouth and then spits it at an opponent. This mud ball travels at 25 MPH and leaves minor bruising to the skin and muscle if contract is made. 3 post cool down.

Mud Slap: One post charge. After the charge, Pik coats his tail in mud to increase the strength of a tail slam at the cost of speed. It increases strength 10% and decreases speed by 10%. If Pik hits a target is leaves average bruising to the skin muscle and bone. 4 post cool down.

Mud Stream: One post charge. After the charge, Pik launches a stream of mud
from his mouth. The stream is 2 feet in diameter and travels at 35 MPH. The stream does not physical damage other than minor bruising of the skin and muscle, but hardens within one post and slows the movement of the person affected by 15%. 5 post cool down.
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PostSubject: Re: Pik - Personal Summon/Free D Rank   Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:27 am

Approved and all that


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Pik - Personal Summon/Free D Rank
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