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 Jetstream Sam

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Jetstream Sam
Jetstream Sam

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PostSubject: Jetstream Sam   Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:48 pm

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Jettosutori-mu, Sam
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthday: Oct 31
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs

Specializations: Kenjutsu; Taijutsu; Ijutsu; Fuuinjutsu
Starting Weapon(s):

Jet Stream

Weapon -> Sword -> Katana
Type of Equipment: Sword
Description: This katana is four and a half feet long, three feet of blade and eighteen inches of hilt. The blade itself shines in the light right down to its perfectly crafted cutting edge. The sheath is made of the same metallic ore as the blade The hilt is wrapped in silk which allows the user to keep a firm grip on the blade even while it is wet. The blade is nearly pure white, and so is the hilt. The hilt is also made of the same metal as the blade. The silk is transparaent, giving the blade a very plain apperance. The edge of the blade has a crimson hue, as the blood of many opponents have seeped into the very metal.
Ability (or Abilities): N/A
Durability: The sword is crafted out of glass and thus is as durable as this element.
History of Item: Jet Stream is a blade forged by Sam himself, and the name was given to the blade by Sam's own skill. It is a blade surrounding in myth. Many believe the blade has special qualities, able to manipulate the air around it to make it travel faster. Others believe the soul of the Ripper resides in the blade, giving those who wield it in-human power. The fact is the blade is just a blade, and it is Sam's own skill that has given the blade such renown. The blade travels through the Jet Stream with Sam right behind it, ready to strike down any in its path.

Rank: Kengo
Loyalties: Ronin

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Sam is a very laid back. He enjoys relaxing and not standing out. Most of the time he will avoid battle just because it causes him to work. In battle he will try and convince others to just give up. This, however, isn't out of pure arrogance. Sam is a very skilled samurai, and does not hold back what's so ever. He knows his own limits, and will not pick a fight he will lose. He is very wise despite his young age. He was taught the art of kendo at a young age, and learned to respect all even the tiniest creature. Yet Sam does not believe in politics, and when war has raged he would fight for both sides. One day he would kill men he would aid tomorrow. To him alliances and loyalty hold no place in his heart. Yet honor is a prominent thing with Sam. He believes strongly in respecting and honoring your enemy, even if Sam hates the enemy.
Likes: Sam loves to rest and relax. He has more often than not chosen to fall asleep on a grassy hill when traveling, and many passerby think he is some hobo. In reality Sam just loves to take in the sights of nature. He loves the beauty of it, the wind and the trees. The way the ocean follows the orders of the moon. The way the sun paints the sky. Sam likes all of these things. In battle, Sam prefers an honorable fight. He believes in always facing an opponent, never striking when an opponent is down. Sam also believes death is a necessity, and believes the only good death is one in battle. Sam does not fear it, in fact the stronger the opponent the more he welcomes it.
Dislikes/Fears: Sam has no tolerance for injustice and deception. Sam has an almost skewed sense of justice, punishing small criminals to an extent which is almost barbaric. Sam does not stand for anything that can deceive, which is why he does not like or trust shinobi. He feels shinobi are spineless, using methods of battle that are not honorable. It takes a shinobi to save Sam's life for him to respect a ninja, but he still would not trust them. Sam hates all under-handedness and trickery. Sam views genjutsu as weak and pathetic, and believes those who use it are the same. Sam fears this: being killed by a gutless shinobi, or dying of a sickness. He feels this is worst than any torture. He would rather be torn apart then die without honor.
Motivation: Sam is motivated by honor. He fights for himself and no one else. He does not believe in ideologies, in peace, or in war. He only believes in the next fight, where his mettle will be tested (provided the opponent is stronger then him. If not, Sam would rather not bother. He does not like to waste energy.) This is why he is a mercenary, choosing to fight.

Section 3: Background

Character History:
Jetsream Sam's history starts in a continent in the east, far from the current shinobi land. A small island country, where war did not touch. The country was prosperous, free, and at the time in an era of prosperity. Sam did not have a humble beginning. He was not born a street cur. He was born as the son of a wealthy merchant, a man who held both power and respect in the country. He was raised in luxury, but was not spoiled. His father had worked from the bottom and was finally on top, and on the way he saw those who misused money. Sam's father brought him up to be respectful and humble, no matter who may be against him. Sam's life wasn't perfect, however. Assassin's were a daily occurrence: other competitors who wanted to to monopolize the trading industry. Yet all had failed thanks to a guard his father had hired. In battle he was called Jack the Ripper, a samurai whose feats preceded him, but none were un-true. Stories of Jack ripping whole armies, beasts, and war lords in a single day were always whispered when the public saw him. But Sam knew him as Raiden, a kind and caring guardian. Sam had a strong urge to learn the ways of the blade, but his father forbade him. Sam's father preferred his son to be intelligent, able to run his trading empire when he was old enough. Even now Sam wonders what would happen if he had inherited the trade.

When Sam was six news of a rebellion had reached the country, in the mainland of the shinobi. Most ignored this news, why worry about a shinobi war? They were not involved and were prosperous, no need to even think about it. Yet that all changed when a diplomat from the Land Hidden Underground came. He looked for strong, capable warriors (samurai to be exact) to aid in the fight for "freedom". He told the country of this Empire, this horrid coalition of villages seeking to control the entire province of the shinobi. This plea was ignored until the diplomat provided evidence that, after the Empire defeated the rebellion, the Empire would attack all neighboring countries and try to bring them under their influence. This sparked a sort of fear in the small country. They had powerful warriors, but could not fight off an entire army of shinobi. And rumors of the shinobi's powerful attacks called "ninjutsu" that harnessed the power of the elements made most cringe in fear. By conscription, all samurai were to go with the diplomat to fight this rebellion, and come back in one month time. Raiden was not above this order, and was forced to join the samurai army. Sam became worried: what would happen to us with Raiden gone? Sam's father dispelled these notions, but to calm Sam he had hired a body double. It was a stage actor who was payed to look and act like Raiden. Sam's father would have hired an actual warrior but all were gone to the Province of Shinobi. And for weeks, Sam felt safe. But that was soon to end.

One night Sam awoke to some commotion downstairs. He crept out of his bed and slowly walked downstairs, only to stop abruptly. He saw the crimson reflection of blood in the moonlight. Sam was fearful, but still he continued on. He tip-toed silently, as the sounds of a struggle rang out through the house. He heard that it came from the backyard and walked there, only to stop in fright when he saw a body. It seemed to be slashed in half, and was very fresh: the blood still pooled around the cadaver. Sam still continued to move, and for some reason examined the body. It was the body double, slashed in half, the blade still holstered on the actor's waist. His eyes widened as he heard a voice from outside, his father's voice. Sam crept and found that the back door was open. He peered through it to see his father. He had been cut on the forehead and the blood slowly oozed from the wound onto his face. He was on his knees, but not begging. His father was defiant to the assassin. He heard his father speak, but his heart raced so fast and was so loud he could not make out what he said. The assassin smacked him for what his father said, and his father's reply was to spit in the assassin's face. The assassin raised his blade, and his father closed his eyes. It took less then a second. Sam had blinked, and saw his father's head roll off and blood spurt from the neck. His father was killed. The assassin turned around, and spotted sam. He threw shuriken at the door, and Sam fled, tears in his eyes. He slipped on the actor's blood, and on instinct grabbed the sword that the actor had. He unsheathed it, and heard a dark laugh behind him. Sam turned around to see the Assassin smiling, believing that killing the son would get him more money. The assassin came for a quick slash, and Sam reacted by slashing wildly. And the unthinkable happened: The assassin stopped his attack and clutched his throat. The arrogance of the assassin cause him to misjudge the distance of Sam's blade, and there for that was his demise. Sam had avenged his father, but he did not feel any happiness, only sadness. He went to his father's corpse and cried, he cried until the sun rose.

By morning the samurai had come home, and Raiden quickly ventured to the house of Sam. As he opened the door he saw the dead assassin, the body double who was slashed in half. He walked outside to see Sam, covered in blood as he quietly sobbed. Raiden approached him, but Sam's trauma made him on edge. He still had the blade beside him and quickly turned and wildly slashed. Raiden, easily dodging it, was a bit impressed. Through just observation Sam was able to replicate the proper sword stance. At the sight of Raiden Sam dropped the blade and ran to him, crying in his stomach. Raiden converted the grieving child, and inside Raiden felt dishonor. He was in charge of guarding Sam and his father, and failed. To redeem himself, Jack the Ripper took on Sam as a pupil.

Both of them traveled out of the village they were in and on top of the mountains. The scaled the jagged peaks until they reached the very top. There on the peak was a small hut. This hut was where all samurai had trained. It had no residents, but the small towns around the mountain would bring up food and water. It was plain, drastically different then what Sam was brought up to. But he accepted it with no complaint. The first night was unbearable. The mountain air was freezing and the bed was hard. Sam cried that night, and many nights after. It was so hard. But never did he give up, never did he falter. The training was always harsh, whether it was battling the harsh elements or climbing up and down the mountain. But through discipline and determination he succeeded. He trained with Raiden long hours. During day or night. And Sam never complained, never regretted the decision. He worked harder than he ever had. For himself and for his father. Seasons passed, the world matured, and Sam followed this pattern. At the age of 15 he was awarded the rank of Kenko, and was officially recognized as a Samurai. He was now able to to travel with his Master. On the way down from the mountain a local village was being raided by small bandits. Raiden decided that this would be the perfect test for his young Kenko. Both samurai ran to the village. The bandits were weak and brutal. They raped the women and murdered the children. The swift justice of the samurai was quickly felt, as most was slain. Sam knocked down the leader and cursed at him. Sam felt a strong anger at this man and was about to strike down on the defeated leader when Raiden stopped him. His words still ring in Sam's ears: "Honor the enemy, no matter how vile. Give him a fighting chance, so his death will be honorable." Sam did not understand this at the time, but obeyed. Sam allowed the bandit to stand up and defend himself, but Sam's skill outmatched the bandit, most notably Sam's speed. His swift strikes prompted one man to say his sword moved through a jet stream, and so began Jetstream Sam.

Jetstream Sam and Jack the Ripper were always seen with each other, battling those who would do evil. But never did they engage in political matters. They were not for idealogies or bickering political struggles. They simply lived by the blade, and the only honor they felt was in battle. Sam was able to take down an entire crime ring by himself, killing all the major players, including the kingpin himself. For this he was awarded the title of Kenshi. Sam was content, traveling and fighting with his master and friend defending the innocent. That was, however, until the call for the shinobi rebellion again rang in the country.

A diplomat from a village called Areogakure came to the country, pleading for the assistance of the Samurai. The rebellion needed their help again. No pleas or lies were needed. Areogakure was primarily a Samurai village. This call was for honor. Sam was ready to fight with his fellow warriors and his master, but Raiden would not go. Sam understood; the last time Raiden left he was dishonored. Sam went onto the boat, to the strange shinobi land. He left his master, his friend, and his life.

Years passed, and soon Sam was 26 years old. Jetstream Sam became infamous on the battle field. He aided both the rebellion and the empire when one payed more. He still did not believe in ideologies, and the samurai around him felt the same. Many a time he has met and befriended a man he would soon slay later. It was deceitful, it was an understanding. The samurai knew friends and brothers would be their downfall. As long as the death was honorable then all was well. Sam had just slain a rebellion attack force, when on the horizon a familiar face was seen. The night before Sam heard that the rebellion had hired a ninja that could destroy entire attack forces with a single slash, the Devil himself on the battle field. Sam laughed at these gutless shinobi, but the man he saw on that hill was the Devil Himself.

It was his master, Jack the Ripper. To Jetstream Sam it was no longer Raiden, the friend. On this field he was an enemy, one that needed to be slain or Sam would soon be in death's grip. He walked calmly to Jack, and Jack walked calmly to Sam. The met and faced each other honorably, and nodded. Both had the understanding. This was about honor. No matter who won, they both were to be honored. The samurai clashed, steel against steel, the Ripper versus Jetstream. The batltle was awesome, each clash brought forth lightning and thunder. But Jetstream was not as skilled or as seasoned, and Ripper took out his right eye. Jetstream fell, expecting the final blow, but nothing happened. Ripper stood his ground, awaiting his opponent to get up. After years of not seeing each other, Raiden was still honorable, and Sam smiled. He got up, invigorated and ready. Both warriors ran to each other and unleashed a blinding slash. When the dust cleared only Jetstream Sam stood victorious. Sam walked up to Raiden, his master, and honored him in death. He took the green silk on Raiden's blade and tied it around his forehead, forever honoring his master and opponent. Sam also took his blade, and one day will lead the his master's blade back into battle.

Jetstream Sam was awarded Kengo for defeating the infamous Jack the Ripper. A title that suits Sam's skill, but he does not care for titles. Sam just looks for the next honorable battle. He awaits it now.

RP Sample:
Raleth was looking at himself in the mirror, looking at his face, his body, his eyes. He was shirtless, wearing loose black sweat pants. He brushed his hand on his left eye-patch, a sort of cheesy ritual to bring good luck. His red wolf eye scanned his whole body, a map of hard training and mortal wounds. He traced the scar that went from his upper right chest, the repaired flesh discolored and tough, to his lower left kidney. For a second the scar burned, as he remembered the day that damned Kagyua nearly killed him. Raleth observed his own skin, a deep tan that was unlike any Shippuugakure ninja. In the mirror he saw his young self, with a Kazangakure headband on, and Raleth smiled. He turned around and walked to his closet, opening it and finding the deep black ANBU compression suit. He felt the texture, and the many missions he did in it flashed back. He put it on, zipping it up in the back so his whole body was covered. He then took off his Un-Serpent's Wrath bone-gauntlets, the bone cold and harsh as ice. He put his hands in them, opening and closing them, making sure they fit right and were on properly. He looked outside: The sun was high in the sky, the light feeling warm and comforting. Raleth only reveled in it for a few moments, then quickly went to prepare the rest of his supplies. He took two white ceramic bottles of sake, a gift from his favorite bar, and tied them around his back so they would be at his sides, and made sure they were closed tightly so they wouldn't spill. He took the huge scroll on the table and tied it around his back, so that it was diagonal on it, but lower then his shoulder. He then grabbed his headband, looking at its mirror finish, and again saw himself.

A Kazan ninja in the Hurricane village...

Raleth shook the thought from his mind. He was no Kazangakure ninja anymore. He was not an outsider. He was a Shippuu ninja, and a proud one at that. He tied the headband around his neck, making it resemble a collar. He walked out the door and opened it, stopping. A warm breeze greeted him, and the smell of the ocean invigorated him. He walked out, closing the door and locking it. The sun was I am an illiterate pig with no vocabulary warm, and the sky was a bright blue, cloudless and pure. The birds flew overhead and sang their song as Raleth walked towards the arena. And though the scene was beautiful, Raleth's thoughts drifted...

He thought of all his trials. His past missions, his victories, his defeats, his past, and his future. It all started in the once thriving village that was Kazangakure, a village he once called home. By chance he left to explore the world, and managed to sneak onto a passenger ship going to the village of Shippuugakure. Raleth had never seen the ocean then, and his curiosity always guided him. The aura of that village drew him in, and soon he met the Kage and his future partner Zetzray. Suddenly a huge amount of images washed through his eyes: His first battle with Zetzray, him winning the Chuunin Exams, the betrayal of Haru, his fight with the Un-Serpents, his encounter with the Kaguya, and him being apart of the ANBU. He had come along way since being that little Kazan street urchin...

Raleth found the arena, its huge walls covering and shielding what was inside. What would he find in there? A trial? A powerful opponent? Nothing? There were millions of possibilities, but Raleth didn't care. He entered the Arena, ready for anything.

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Shinobu wrote:
you have the choice between three different weapon types

just one starting weapon type


Turtle Summoning Tattoo:

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Jetstream Sam
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