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 Woden the Fáidh

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PostSubject: Woden the Fáidh   Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:41 am

Woden the Fáidh

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Shikari, Woden
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: 29 Feburary
Height: 6ft
Weight: 78kg

Specializations: Kyujutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Ijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Raiton, Suiton, Ranton

Rank: Chuunin
Village: Chikagakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Woden is as quiet and reserved as the dark he grew up in, in many ways he is the embodiment of the dark that the cultists labelled him, lonely, quiet and all consuming. When he enters a room he carries an aura of sadness that almost affects other people just by being near him, he is constantly reminded of his tragic situation and struggles to find a reason to do more than simple exist. Woden has little in the way of friends and has almost no interaction with others save what is necessary. He talks little and when he does speak it is in short bursts. He is ferocious when it comes to defending himself and is called a 'demon' in battle and even his combat reflects his distant and aloof nature.
Likes: Woden has spent most of his life underground and away from the world, as such he has had little chance to experience the world and find things he enjoys, he leads a fairly dull life and has trouble finding things to live for outside a constant strive to better himself. From time to time he finds himself on the roof across from his families home where he sits and watches and wishes for the life he cannot have.
Dislikes/Fears: Woden cannot stand the dark, it is not a fear it simply raises his hackles and makes him crazed and slightly on edge. He also has a driving hate and fear of the cultists who ruined his life and turned him into their tool.
Motivation: Woden is motivated by the drive to protect his family from the influence of the cult who betrayed them, he longs for the day when he can finally free them from the danger they know nothing of. He hates his life of loneliness and wants nothing more than to be able to be reunited with them and is willing to undergo any hardship to bring that dream into reality.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: N/A
Bloodline Ability: N/A
History of Clan: N/A
Location of Clan: N/A

Section 4: Background

Character History: Woden was born to his loving parents in the village of Chikagakure, who originally called him Karu after his great grandfather, for the first several years of his life he lived peacefully with them within the village. His family had no ties to the shinobi, not having had a member of the family opt to become one since Woden's namesake and as such they led a simple life with Woden's father working as a grocer. Woden was the youngest of four siblings, none of who showed any talent for the ninja arts or any desires to pursue that path. At the age of four Woden's parents became interested in a small religion that worshiped the deep dark that existed in the depths of Chikagakure, they were drawn to the cult's promises of great wealth and power granted by the gods of the Dark and slowly became entwined into the cult's inner workings. At first the affiliation was completely harmless and involved nothing more than occasional attendance of devotions and an offering here or there. The cult believed that one day a prophet would appear to lead them forever into the dark where they would ascend to a new state of being and rule the world. At the age of eight, one of the cult's members became obsessed with a small birthmark on Woden's back and took it as the sign that Woden himself was the prophet of the cult's faith. Late one night several members of the cult broke into the family home and kidnapped young Karu, stealing him away into the night. After many years of searching the family accepted that their youngest son had been lost to them and gave up hope, they never knew of the cult's involvement of their son's disappearance and continued to sink deeper into their teachings.

Woden was taken deep underground by the cultists and told while still at the young age of eight that he was the prophet they had been waiting for. They locked Karu, who they renamed Woden, away in the dark when he tried to struggle and return to his family, promising that if he ever opposed them they would kill one of his family members. After time Woden broke down and agreed to become what the cult wanted him to be, undergoing extensive training to hone his skills and become the force the cultists needed to fulfill their plans. Woden was forced to appear hooded at all the cult's meetings as the 'prophet' and was forced to watch his family mourn and pray to him that their son would return, never realizing he was right before him. Woden's hatred for the cult festered within him and he resolved himself to one day punish them for what they had done to him and his family. At the age of fifteen Woden faked his death by collapsing in one of the deep tunnels the cult hid in, escaping from them and eventually finding his way back to Chikagakure proper. Knowing the cult would recognize him if he ever returned to his family Woden was forced to use his false identity and keep his distance. He insinuated himself into the ranks of shinobi within the village, using the skills taught to him by the cultists to carry out his missions. He is constantly tormented, knowing he cannot return to his family and also knowing he is still not strong enough to secure their safety himself.

His life as a genin was lonely and he kept away from people for fear that they would reveal him to the cult and doom his familt, it was only during the Chuunin Exams Woden finally met someone who he opened up to, a member of the Uchiha clan who shared a similar dark past as Woden himself did, both boys were closed off from the world and they found an unlikely friend in each other. The two were from separate villages but grew close over the course of the exams, despite the wars that separated them. They helped each other through the exams, giving each other a leg up when they needed it and being there through the hardships of it all. It was a miracle that he was able to find someone like himself and Woden cherished the friendship, but after the exams ended the war continued and the two were torn asunder, Woden was crushed by his inability to see yet another one of the people he loved. He was left bereft in the world with no purpose save to find enough strength to one day take back all that he loved. With the recent end of the war Woden searches for his long lost Uchiha friend, hoping one day to find him amongst the millions of people in the world, a quest some would say was futile. It is all that Woden has, everything else is kept away from him.

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Woden the Fáidh   Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:59 am

I'll approve this as a Chuunin just for you. APPROVED!

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Woden the Fáidh
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