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 Halle - Free D rank Siren Summon

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PostSubject: Halle - Free D rank Siren Summon   Halle - Free D rank Siren Summon Icon_minitimeMon Apr 22, 2013 12:31 pm

Insert Name of Summon Here
Rank of Summon: D
Element Affinity: -
Family: Siren
Personality: Halle is an extremely bubbly and fun siren who adores Woden and constantly tries to cheer him up. She is fond of harmless pranks and will endlessly try to cause mischief for Woden when she is summoned. In battle she likes to sit on Woden's head or run around by his legs and tries her best to stay out of his way while doing what she can to help.
Size: 1ft

Base Speed: Halle has a base speed of 15mph, that of a normal Genin.

Speech: Like all Siren's Halle has the ability to speak.

Halle's Song: One post charge. Halle sings a bubbly song full of pep and cheer that lilts through the air. Woden is able to shoot twice while this technique persists. Lasts for 3 posts. 3 post cooldown.

Ink clones: One post charge. Halle concentrates and does an odd little dance on her feet, swirling around in the air before shooting a torrent of ink into the air which forms a cloud that conceals Woden and her, from the cloud ten clones of both Woden and Halle jump forward and move around. These clones reform if struck, oozing black ink as they repair themselves. The clones last 3 posts. 3 post cooldown.

Ink Cloud: One post Charge. halle shouts out "IIIINNNNK" and the tips of her hair point at the opponent, shooting out a large cloud (5ft by 5ft) of inky cloud, this cloud moves at a speed of 15mph and will adhere to anyone struck, causing blindness for one post. Woden can shoot arrows through the cloud which will cause the cloud to travel with the arrow.

Halle - Free D rank Siren Summon Takeru10
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Halle - Free D rank Siren Summon
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