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 The Endless Tower Guide

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PostSubject: The Endless Tower Guide   Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:07 pm

In ancient times long since forgotten even by legend, there was a tale of a tower. A tower created by the very gods themselves at the beginning of time for a purpose known only to them. Some say that it was created to test mortals who aspired to join those in the heavens above, a grueling and impossible task to surmount with only one man ever reaching the top. Others said it was a test for mankind, to better and improve themselves until the reached the pinnacle of creation. Many claimed it had no purpose, that it simply was and always would be. It's origins and creators, even its very existence were lost to the crushing weight of time and history, only now have modern scholars rediscovered the tower, dispelling the powerful genjutsu that hid its presence for a millennium. The members of that team of scholars disappeared within the tower and never emerged after their intrepid expidition...but the doors of the tower are still open and now all may venture inside and see if they have what it takes to reach the top of the Endless Tower.

The Endless Tower is a persistent and ongoing 'event' unique to the site of Province, in fact there is no other site that we know of that has such a unique and exciting feature! Many forum RP sites suffer from a lack of engaging content that can be tackled either alone or with a group of your friends, this sort of thing is confined to events and the occasional mission, but these can feel disjointed and as one off things only last a short time. Many times forum RP's and in particular Naruto forums, suffer from a lack of 'end-game content' for characters who reach the absolute pinnacle of power and find no challenge, merely role playing their god-like characters until you inevitably begin using another. The Endless Tower provides a fun and exciting solution to these issues and allows you, as members of the site, to participate in a communal effort to clear this challenging new feature.

How Does It Work?

The Endless Tower has its own forum with sub sections in it for each 'floor', as a community you will both race against, and work with each other to clear each floor and unlock the next one. Each floor presents its own unique challenge and requirements for clearing it and being the first to do so will grant you a great reward which can come in several forms. Floors come in two varieties and must be handled differently, clearing a floor in the tower isn't as simple as merely winning a fight. When you attempt a floor you simple create a topic entitled "[Floor #] - Your Name", after which you are permitted to try and complete the challenge of the floor. Note: you do not need to travel to enter or participate in any of the floors, this is a special case.

The first type of floor is the "RP Puzzle", where you can on your own, or as a group, attempt to clear the floor. Each "RP Puzzle" floor will have a unique riddle and detailed description of the floor attached to it which will give you hints as to what needs to be done to fulfill the requirements to complete the floor. You will then post and RP your character trying to solve the puzzle and each post is counted as a single attempt. These puzzles are designed to test your creative thinking and it is highly likely you will fail more than once in your attempts to clear a floor, a lot of the fun in the Endless Tower will be learning by trial and error both from your mistakes and other members and discussion on how to solve each floor is highly encouraged. These puzzles can be as simple as finding the order in which to activate some switches or use a certain elemental jutsu to as complex as how many people and what rank need to be present to complete the floor. As the rewards for advancing in the Endless Tower are lucrative so too are the challenges just as hard. After you have attempted to clear the floor, ie posted, the moderator for that floor will be able to check over your post and will post to say whether you have cleared the floor, or if you need to try again.

The second type of floor is the 'Combat Floor', these function much the same as every other RP fight and clearing the floor becomes as simple as beating the enemy. While this may sound simple some enemies will have similar requirements as the RP floors do, for example a certain enemy may be immune to everything but fire jutsu and one of these is needed to strike the finishing blow. These added puzzles will also be accompanied by a short riddle unique to the floor to try and give you a hand at deciphering them. These combat floors will be less common than RP floors as they require a staff member to post as the combatant and as such only two fights can be fought simultaneously to prevent overworking the staff member. Death is possible in these fights but you are able to forfeit at any given time and escape unharmed.

Checkpoint Floors

Usually once a floor is cleared it is cleared for everyone and anyone is able to attempt the next one, however occasionally there will be 'Checkpoint Floors' which you must clear if you want to access the floors above. These floors will provide a reward to everyone who clears them, not just the first person to do so and serve as waypoints within the tower and also act as a 'score' to determine who has reached the highest point in the tower. These checkpoints will naturally be harder for the first person to clear it and as such these floors have even greater rewards for being the first to pass them.


Rewards given within the tower come in several forms. The first is cold hard cash, a large bundle of ryo added to the character who recieved the prize to be spent on whatever they so choose. The second type of reward is gear, unique weapons, armor and items that are able to be taken out of the tower and used by your character as they see fit. The third type of reward is similar to the second in that they are gear, however they are only useable within the tower and cannot be taken outside. As such they are much more powerful than anything obtainable in the normal world and these items will be incredibly helpful in clearing the tower in the higher floors. The last reward will be unique techniques and jutsu granted to you for clearing a floor, these will vary in power but will be unique to your character being unable to be obtained in any other way, shape or form.

The Endless tower is waiting for you! Go start clearing floors today!

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The Endless Tower Guide
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