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PostSubject: Raishi   Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:30 am

Raishimaru Kazue

Section 1: Basic Information

Last name, First name: Kazue, Raishimaru
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: June 8
Height: 190cm
Weight: 77kg

Specializations: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Katon, Doton, Yōton

Rank: Genin
Village:[ b]Morigakure

Section 2: Personality

Raishi is a very cheerful character. Although, when he is serious, he takes no jokes (unless they are very funny) He can be very silly and loves to joke around. He cares deeply for his friends and would do anything to protect any of them. Although he has a care-free attitude at most times and may seem lazy, he can be very serious when needed and takes no battle for granted. He loves Ramen more than life!! Loves to train and is always around friends.
If he is ever down, he isolates himself from everyone else so nobody ever sees him in that state. His deepest fear is losing those closest to him. He has a good heart and is usually honest. Although, if being honest may result into hurting one of his friends in the process, he chooses to lie instead.
He doesn't enjoy hurting people both physically and emotionally, although he is so good at it. If he wanted to, he would and it would hurt ALOT, but he chooses not to and has a peaceful aura. He prefers stunning opponents to killing them. Sometimes, he gets a feeling that he doesn't belong in with other people and he always sees himself in a minor complex compared to others. Although, he tends to hide all these emotions as it may seem like a weakness and a means to make fun of him. He is often very loyal to his friends, but sometimes, he can’t help opening his mouth and expose an important secret by accident. He has an uncontrollable abilty to talk when he wants to talk, but if he doesn’t decide to say something, he can stay quiet for the whole time.
Likes: . Raishi likes hanging around with his friends and he enjoys all the attention that people give him. He also loves Ramen more than anything and enjoys training and improving his ninjutsu, taijutsu and strength. Although, he has the tendency to be very lazy, in the end, he does his work with 90 percent efficiency. He likes friends who are honest and who don’t pretend. Raishi devotes himself to his family, friends and those who are closest to him. Also, he is very proud of his village and cannot stand someone insulting it. Raishi’s greatest fear is losing the ones closest to him, this is why he wold do anything to protect every single one of them to his best ability
Dislikes/Fears: If there is anything in this world that Raishi hates, it is negative people. He hates the way that they bring people down with their negative thoughts and actions. Also, he hates liars, disloyal friends and thieves. They just irritate his system and they make him want to scream. Lastly, he hates picky people and people who are unnecessarily rude. Although, he may sometimes fall into these categorize which makes him a hypocrite but he only does at times when he feels very angry and annoyed with people. Also, he hates it when older ages people use their higher rank and age as an advantage to terrorize other people; often, when he makes an older person feel very stupid due to his intelligence, the older individual takes him for granted tells him he is wrong when they both know that he isn’t wrong. The only thing that Raishi fears in the whole world, is the loss of any of his closest friends and his loved ones. This would totally destroy him as he bases himself on others. Without other people, Raishi doesn’t see the reason to living as there is no competition, no person to love, no person to love him, and most importantly, no person to give him attention. Since his parents are already dead, he can’t bare to lose other people as well as the two main individuals that are supposed to be in his life aren’t there.
Motivation: The only motivation that Raishi gets is form other people. If any one of his friends are better than him in a certain technique or jutsu or weapon, he would want to challenge himself to be better than that person. He believes in healthy competition that’s only for fun, not like he is jealous of his friends or anything, he just loves to challenge himself. On the other hand, there are instances in his life when he can’t be as good as another person in a certain technique and this leads him to go into a temporary depression. Usually, after the depression, he gets ove the fact that a person can’t be good at everything with 100% efficiency.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: NA
Bloodline Ability:NA
History of Clan:NA
Location of Clan:NA

Section 4: Background

Character History:
Raishi, 7 years old, wakes up in the Morigakure village hospital. He is stitched from head to toe and his body feels broken, inside out. The worst part was that he couldn’t remember a damn thing. All he could remember was screaming, the sound of kunai clashing and a beautiful yet battered face, that he couldn’t seem to place in his mind. In fact, the more he tried to remember this face, the more the image escaped his mind. Giving up in his desperate attempt to remember the technical aspects, he sums up together all the things he knew. So far all he could remember was that his name was Raishi, and he was 7 years old. The rest was just a blur to him.
Moments after that, a door swung open and in came a large woman. She wasn’t tall but she seemed large due to her wide radius. She asked him questions about who he was, where he came from and who his parents were, but he couldn’t answer any other question aside from his name and age. The nurse noted this, also noticing that his bodily temperature was abnormally high, although he seemed to be just fine. That night, Raishi couldn’t sleep properly as his dreams were constantly being haunted by the same images but every time he woke up he would forget, all he could remember in his dreams was screams, shouts and....LAVA. A group of nurses entered the room Raishi noticed, and with them, his own nurse who he came to know now as Haruno.
“He seems to not have any idea who his parents are or how he got here,” she said to the other nurses, “It’s a miracle we found him when we did. If we hadn’t he probably would be dead by now. Although, he seems to have an unnatural high body temperature. I’m not sure what may have caused this, maybe from birth or from the incident??”
“Let’s put him under observation for the next two weeks, then we shall release him into the village, under one of any humble family willing to adopt him” one of the minor nurses said.
With a nod, Haruno agreed to this and all the cleared out. A Year went by but no family was willing to adopt him so she took care of him and he stayed with her at the hospital. He loved her like a mother and told her everything. Harunoexplained to him how he had been found by a shinobi guard whose post was at the gates, badly battered. He was on the verge of death if not for the shinobi ,Daichi she had called him, he would have been dead by now.
It was during this period that they both discovered that Raishi had an outstanding knowledge of the ninja world. She thought he had the potential to become a talented shinobi so she discussed registering him to the Ninja Academy with his soon to be adopted parents.
A few months before he was going to turn 9, a family agreed to both adopting him and gladly agreed to register him into the Ninja Academy of the village (for this is where his adopted parents where). Sadly this meant that he was going to leave Haruno and probably not see her again. He hugged her emotionally, promising to return to her one day, before leaving for his adopted parents’ house.

Raishi swiftly flew through Academy....he was terribly brilliant! He graduated out of the Academy on his ninth birthday meaning that he had only spent a few months there! How he knew what he knew, he had no idea the answers just seem to pop into his head. He was at the top of his class and his classmates never even felt bad about it. They always praised and encouraged him to keep doing better. During practice spars, he (and everyone else) found out that he had above average reflexes and his reaction time was considerably fast for someone his age. He excelled in Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, dabbled in Genjutsu and enjoyed using kunai and shuriken to other weapons.
Raishi never actually made friends with anyone during his days at the academy, he usually sat alone, enjoying his own company. People would often come to join him and Raishi never sent them away. During the time he had spent there, he simply observed the kids, getting to know them from a distance and he promised himself that he would start socializing once he was a Genin. Although he couldn't say that he had any friend, everyone in his class knew who he was. You could say that he was the class joker, aspiring to make everyone laugh and be happy. Because of his good attitude towards everyone, he was liked by all and had no rivals.
He had started taking private lessons with his sensei, Kyoto, a skilled shinobi in Fuuinjutsu, after the first month in the Academy as he believed that there was no need for Raishi to continue to do things that wasn’t a challenge for him. Kyoto during these lessons, taught Raishi the art of Fuuinjutsu. Teaching him a few of his tricks. The only thing that had proven a task for him , was to learn how to tree climb, aside from that, he was always golden. His sensei would usually talk to him about how intelligent he was for his age, being able to start doing Genin lessons so easily without even ranking up yet. He would also try to ask Raishi about his past, his parents who had trained him, but of course Raishi couldn’t remember. Two weeks till his ninth birthday, his sensei started training him like a Chunin. This had proven very difficult for Raishi but he always seemed to get it right after a few tries.
On his last lesson in the Academy, the whole academy watched as his exam was different from everyone else’s. He was to spar with his sensei landing at least one hit. Although Raishi lost, he had graduated as a Genin because of his wits and quick reflexes.
RP Sample:
After he had patched up his arm at the hospital from the kunai accident with the academy student bully, Rai had nothing to do. He had gone ahead to sleep, but he woke up almost immediately. The mission had left traces of adrenaline all over his body and even though he knew that he had to sleep, there was this deep craving inside him, wanting the taste of adrenaline. At the time, it had seemed like a fun idea to go to the tunnels but the sad truth is that Rai was terribly wrong. If not anything else, this had got to be the most stupid thing that Rai had ever done, but the craving for adventure was by far more than his fear right now. As he was walking down to the road leading to the tunnels, Rai reflects on how he had first heard about the tunnels. At the academy, it was common behaviour for kids to spread round rumors and stories about the tunnels so right thought that it wasn't real; just an academy joke to scare people. Every one had had different stories concerning the tunnels: some said that the ghost of the previous criminal shinobi reside in the tunnels, coming out at night time to protect the village, while others said stories that had to do with mythical creatures: dragons, demons and what not. Being a kid, Rai was quick to believe each and every single story, and was totally drenched in fear . As he grew older, he soon realised about the tunnels presence in the village: it was in fact, very real and it was said that a few shinobi have entered the tunnels....and have never come out. On a normal day, Rai would be stricken with fear just with seeing the cave from a distance, but right now, he was dying with boredom and his crave for adrenaline was leading him on. A part of Rai wanted to be here, to be known as the only shinobi to have entered the tunnels and survived, but the other part didn't even want to see the tunnel itself.

Now in front of the tunnels entrance, Rai stopped on his tracks and looked in at the massive manifestation of darkness in awe ; in fear. The entrance seemed to be a mouth in Rai's mind, devouring any body who enters without spitting them out .It could also be a for or gateway for whatever monstrous creatures that lives in the darkness of the tunnels. He's feet were rooted to the ground as he saw the darkness inside the mouth f the cave...evil seemed to radiate from this cave, this monster. His own sweat slowly came down into his eyes from his temples, and it was then that he realised just how hot the weather was. Suddenly, he heard a piercing scream coming from the tunnels and he nearly jumped out of his own clothes. His heart was beating fast, and furiously.
Rai thought to himself. He needed to face this fear once and for all. Or maybe he should just turn around......?
No, I can do this
In order to psyche himself for the journey to come, Rai sits right in front of the entrance of the cave, legs crossed and closes his eyes patiently, just in case any fellow shinobi would show up, so they could go together. Truth is, he knew that the odds of any shinobi coming to the tunnels would be slim, he was just extending the time he had before he entered the tunnels.

After what had seemed like an eternity, with no sign of the arrival of a single soul, Rai stood up slowly ready to enter the darkness, the mouth of his deepest fears.
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PostSubject: Re: Raishi   Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:58 pm

Great app! Most of the characters we get are so plot-driven that they're forced to be all stoic, so I'm glad we have another happy character!

Can't wait to see you in the Province world!


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PostSubject: Re: Raishi   Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:43 pm

thanks :D!
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