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 Brant Villedur

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PostSubject: Brant Villedur   Brant Villedur Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2015 2:02 am

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Brant Villedur Yahiko_KC

Brant Villedur

Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Villedur, Brant
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Specializations: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu,
Elemental Affinity: Doton

Rank: Genin

Brant Villedur Appearance_zps15bb93c9

Face Claim: Yahiko
Weight, Height: -
Other Characteristics: -

Brant Villedur Clan_zpsd61e2fbe

Bloodline: -
Bloodline Ability: -
History of Clan: -

Brant Villedur Background_zps94be0ae0

Character History: When the world shattered it didn't leave room for the faint of heart. As civilization itself crumbled and the world tore itself apart the Villedur family fled to the Ark with as many people as they could bring. The survivors took refuge on the Ark and began to carve out a new life for themselves. In the centuries since the collapse the Villedur have forgotten who they were, their history and identity were lost when the world ended and they have slowly dwindled almost to extinction.  Each generation less and less men were born and it seemed that the line was dead. Then Brant was born.

Brant was the hope of the now dwindling family and grew up knowing it was up to him to carry on his family name and tradition. As he grew up he learned to love who he was, but always yearned to learn more. When he was young he showed potential as a shinobi and was enrolled in the academy. While never top of the class he worked hard and did his best to make his parents proud. He remembered the day when he first heard about the Dark Continent. A place untouched since the world ended, a place too dangerous to travel. A place where the Old World still lived. It was light a spark in dry firewood as Brant's entire world quickly became about finding his way there and discovering things long forgotten. His love for his family name developed into a fascination and obsession with the Old World. He graduated from the academy soon after and determined from that moment to prepare himself for the journey to what lies beyond the ocean, on the Dark Continent.

Personality: It wasn't that he didn't want to help the old lady, it was just that she smelt funny. He had been trying his best to avoid another lecture from that pesky instructor Shikazu by lounging about in the park. It wasn't a good hiding place but he honestly didn't expect the old man to come looking for him. When the lady tripped he sat up and watched for a moment, she was on the other side of the park and he was sure one of the other people closer would go over to help. He yawned and looked around again before snorting and getting to his feet. The whole lot of them were more useless than his little sister and all she did was eat and poop! At the very least she was cute! He wrinkled his nose as he neared the old hag, who was whimpering as she tried to pull herself upright on a can almost as weathered as she was. Old people smelt funny, there was nothing more to say about it. He crossed the grass briskly and gently helped the leather woman to her feet. As he expected, she smelt like things that went out of fashion well before the Collapse, however bad smells were never an excuse for cruelty. He smiled and tried to hide that he wasn't breathing through his nose as he said "Are you alright?" The lady had tears in her eyes as she profusely thanked Brant, he didn't really listen as he bent to pick up her things for her. Decent people just did this kind of thing. "Come on grandma, I'll walk you where you need to go". This brought on another wave of gratitude that he ignored, now he had the perfect excuse to skip out on class. As they walked off he noticed a Chuunin sitting on a nearby bench watching the whole thing. Brant flipped him the bird as he walked away with the old woman. Chuunin's were dicks.

Likes: -
Dreams and Desires: -
Dislikes: Chuunin, Old People
Fears: -

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Brant Villedur
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