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PostSubject: Morigakure   Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:34 pm


History: The village of Morigakure was first founded before the First Great War by a man named Kagayaki Dovahkiin, who loved to sing. Through his singing, he expressed his heritage, and after an unknown amount of years, he came to the forests of what would two decades later became Morigakure in its earliest stages. When he first arrived at the forest, he felt as though the trees were beckoning him to walk into the forest. On the outside of the forest, many believed that because this man never returned from the forest the forest is cursed and that anyone who came within its domain would never be able to return to the rest of the world. However, this was not the case. Kagayaki, by choice, stayed in the forest for the entirety of his life, singing to the trees and listening to the eternal melodies that flowed throughout the forest. The forest, in a sense, fell in love with Kagayaki and decided that a village may be made from their very roots and branches. This was done with music. Singing was the key to making the village grow, and this was because of the love that the forest felt for Kagayaki. Thus, from then on, the village of Morigakure became an actual place. Members of Kagayaki’s clan came from all over the world to live in this deep forest. It remained peaceful for a decade more until the First Great War occurred. Much of the clan scattered in its aftermath and the village of Morigakure was hit hard by the catastrophe caused by the War and the Nine-Tailed beast. Kagayaki spent the rest of his life rebuilding the village to its former splendor. In his death bed, his son Kubetsu swore that he would bring the village to its former glory and bring peace to its roots.

Kubetsu Dovahkiin was a natural-born leader just like his father before him. He loved the village as much as he loved the forest. He then decided it may be wise to find people who may be willing to come and live in the village. He scoured the lands under the Empire in search of living within the protective care of the forest and after twenty whole years of searching, he brought with him sixty families and several traveling merchants that were masters of different trades. From this was the framework for what would become the village of Morigakure. Under Kubetsu’s rule, the village remained at peace and very prosperous. Their cloth weaving was of the best in the Empire and also became a shinobi powerhouse. The forest became evermore protective of the village and its people just as everyone in the village grew to love the forest in return. Him and his son Eikyo began the first official Kage-and-Clan-Leader tradition in which the son would fight the father in a non-fatal duel to test the son if he is worthy of becoming the next ruler of the village and clan.

Eikyo earned his place as the next leader after his father’s passing. Eikyo’s reign was focused on making the village well-known throughout the Empire, not only in weaving and combat, but also in professionalism, kindness, and above all to be known as the “completionists,” meaning that they will complete any task that is given to them. Over the course of Eikyo’s reign, these things all became apparent. Of all the villages in the Empire, Morigakure was known to be one of the most peaceful and respectable villages.

Yukosei, Eikyo’s son, was then to be the next ruler of the village; one who implemented village “police” and guards at the villages’ entrances. He believed that since peace had been achieved, there should be a basis for keeping that peace intact, thus starting the use of village police to handle local matters such as robberies and domestic violence. However, beyond these things, Yukosei continued to uphold peace throughout the village and cared deeply for the village, its people, and the very forest itself.

From there, the rule of the Dovahkiin Clan and the village of Morigakure came to the current ruler, Yonoowari Dovahkiin.

Village Description: The forest that this village resides in and is surrounded by is said to be filled with an impenetrable serenity. The trees themselves are thought of to be alive, filled with a peace that no one fully understands. The massive, beautiful trees are also said to protect their village from the superfluous matters of a corrupt world. Everyone that has searched for the village that hasn't been invited there by its inhabitants has gotten lost in the deep forest, and on common occurrences, they have lost their sanity entirely searching for the village. The buildings themselves have literally been sung out of the trees. Why singing to the plants coaxes the plants into growing into structures however, is still a mystery.

Kage Lineage: Founder and First Tsurikage and Dovahkiin Clan Leader: Kagayaki Dovahkiin

Second Tsurikage and Dovahkiin Clan Leader: Kubetsu Dovahkiin

Third Tsurikage and Dovahkiin Clan Leader: Eikyō Dovahkiin

Fourth Tsurikage and Dovahkiin Clan Leader: Yūkōsei Dovahkiin

Fifth and Current Tsurikage and Dovahkiin Clan Leader: Yonoowari Dovahkiin

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