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 [Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Hebi Lacerta

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Hebi Lacerta
Hebi Lacerta

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[Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Hebi Lacerta Empty
PostSubject: [Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Hebi Lacerta   [Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Hebi Lacerta Icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2013 4:01 pm

"You are lead to a door within the heights of the Lonely Tower. The man who leads you tells you to wait, count to ten and then enter the room. he walks off and leaves you alone to your own devices. True to your word you wait for ten seconds then travel inside. You find yourself in a large room room separated into two halves by a gaping hole in the centre of the floor. A narrow bridge crosses the 30 ft gap and a light wind blows through numerous large windows on either side of the room, a quick glance within the pit reveals it drops down into darkness but you can just make out a large set of spikes that would surely impale you if you were to fall down. Standing in front of a door directly opposite you is The Proctor, he smiles and addresses you. "Welcome participant, to the first phase of the Chuunin Exams. Your task in this phase is simple -ahem." he gestures to the door behind him. "You are to simply cross the room and enter this door -ahem." His grin turns wicked and he lowers his head to look at you from below his hat. "You will not be told of any traps and dangers that could exist in this room, it is up to you to decide how you cross, you must simply enter the opposing door within an hour, failure to do so will result in failing the exams - ahem." With that he turns and leaves through the door."

As the proctor left I looked forward at the small plank above the pit of spikes with the large windows. I had recently been captured by the Rebellion at the Battle of Elkwood but for whatever reason their leader allowed me to participate in the exams. I looked forward at the plank with the open windows and clicked to Shiro "This can't be that hard brother, all we have to do is be careful to not lose our balance is all." He looked up to me with his bright red eyes and clicked back "Yes it shouldn't be too hard, but the plank is the size of my body so it'll be slightly more difficult for me." I walked to the edge near the plank and stared down into the spikes and pushed down the plank, it seemed sturdy enough. I decided to allow Shiro to go first and I would follow behind him in case he fell. We began to cross and everything was going pretty well but then we began to hear a whistle, like the wind was beginning to pick up. There was then a powerful upward blowing draft that came through. I was able to keep my footing barely but I saw as Shiro began to fall. I panicked and dropped to my stomach and reached my arm down and caught Shiros tail. It took all of my strength to hoist Shiro back up to the platform and then we began to move much faster just trying to end this damned trial. When about 15 feet was left of the platform I heard chirping coming from the windows. I looked over and was instantly greeted by a bombardment of birds slamming into me. I began flailing in surprise trying to knock them all away but lost my footing and saw my life flash before my eyes as I got closer to the spikes. I braced for impact and then realized that I wasn't falling anymore. I looked up to see Shiro's tail wrapped around my right arm. With all his strength he pulled me to the point where I could grab the plank and hoist myself up. At that point I sprinted to the end with Shiro on my heels and plopped on the floor breathing heavily. I clicked to Shiro between the breaths "Thank you for that brother, I would've died without your help." He then climbed on top of my stomach and clicked back to me "It was just payment for you saving MY life brother." I chuckled a little and shoved him off me before standing up and heading out the door, the first trial behind me.
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[Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Hebi Lacerta
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