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 The Second Sword of the Divide: The Gunblade of the Lionheart

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PostSubject: The Second Sword of the Divide: The Gunblade of the Lionheart   Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:23 am

Type of Equipment: Sword - Gunblade
Description: The Gunblade of the Lionheart is the Second of Sword of the Divide. The sword is known for it's unique design, which includes a one foot handle and hilt as well as a three foot blade crafted from blue titanium. The most unique part of the weapon is the gun mechanism built into the hilt. The handle resembles the grip of a gun, except there is a 4 inch spike on the bottom. The gun is in the shape of a large lion and and 8 round clip is held in the stomach of the beast. There is an opening between the blade and the hilt that can be used as another handle, but it is also where the clip is inserted into the blade. The trigger mechanism of the blade allows the blade to fire bullets down a barrel located inside of the blade. These bullets travel at 80 MPH and can pass straight through a human body.

Note: The user of this weapon can register different types of ammunition in separate topics and has to buy them as separate items.
The Brave Heart of The Lion:
Like all the other seven swords of the divide, the Gunblade of the Lionheart grants the user a 20% boost in kenjutsu.

The Lion's Mighty Roar One post charge. After the charge, the user pulls the trigger of Lionheart and the blade fires a concentrated beam of chakra from the gun barrel. This beam starts out in a small cone, but expands out to the full diameter of 6 feet within seconds, 5 to be exact. This beam is similar to a beam of Ranton chakra in damage. If hit at point-blank range, a target can lose a limb if impacted directly (this is because the blast is narrower and more concentrated), but the damage anywhere outside of 5 feet is third degree burns. Cool down of 7 posts. Twice per topic.

Bullet Storm Upon charging chakra into the Gunblade of the Lionheart, the user has the ability to have the gun shoot rapid fire chakra bullets that are much weaker than the actual bullets. The user must also pay 30 chakra to activate this ability. The rapid fire ability allows the user to fire 100 chakra bullets that are the same caliber as normal shots, but fired at the speed of 120 MPH. These bullets have a decreased accuracy and damage. They can only penetrate the skin up to 3 inches as opposed to passing through the body. These bullets can also ricochet very easily, but are stopped after hitting the second solid object they touch. Once per topic.

Durability: Like all the other Seven Swords of the Divide, The Gunblade of the Lionheart is indestructible and can chip diamond.
History of Item: This blade used to belong to a famous shinobi named Lionheart. This man was known for being the worlds most dangerous missing ninja, going on a crime spree that spared no province. For years he ravaged, raided, attacked, and destroyed numerous landmarks though out the world, collecting a vast amount of wealth along with infamy. This reign of terror went on for decades and Lionheart was never stopped. Lionheart grew old and decided to cease his life of crime. Before he did so, he stashed away his famous weapon in a cavern deep within the mountain province. Shortly after he founded a thieves guild, but died before it was established. The few he trusted built him a tomb and buried the only map to the blade with him.

Owner: Haru Raba

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The Second Sword of the Divide: The Gunblade of the Lionheart
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