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 Copying Rotation? [Training]

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PostSubject: Copying Rotation? [Training]   Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:34 am

Jutsu training:

Another day at the training field. Neru was chilling, watching other ninjas relax. Today Neru felt more calm and relaxed than he usually did. He didn't feel like performing any pranks, just relaxing. He saw a Hyuuga clan member training with his buddies. The ninja performed a technique well known, 'Rotation'. Neru's mind turned to when Ren showed him the technique. "I wonder where that kid might be. Hmm. This gives me an idea." Neru stood up and stretched his hands. He had been sitting on a bench, right outside of the training area. He walked in and began to charge chakra. "Hmm, so all I have to do is spin." Neru thought. "Easy enough." Neru finished charging his chakra and started to spin very fast. It lasted for a few seconds before Neru fell down, with his sight messed up. "This...was...a...bad..idea.." After sitting on the ground for a few minutes, Neru stood up and slowly turned to see if anyone saw him. No one in sight, except for the trio of ninja who were training. "....What are they even doing here in Aerogakure?". For an hour or so, Neru kept practicing the technique until finally he got the hang of it. Although he still had the dizzy part to finish yet. "I'll continue practicing later."

Word count: 228

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Copying Rotation? [Training]
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