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 Adding Element to Jutsu [Training]

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PostSubject: Adding Element to Jutsu [Training]   Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:17 pm

Jutsu in training:

After mastering the technique Shearer, Neru decided to add an elemental twist to the technique. The element to add would be wind, as it is best suited for this type of jutsu. The Shearer was a tough technique to master, Neru still had to figure out how to lose the dizziness involved. Again in the training ground of Aerogakure, the typical place to train. "Screw this, I'm going to do it in the middle of the street for some cash." Neru walked out of the training grounds and into the streets. "Hehe. Hey everybody look at what I can do, with an ELEMENT." Neru would charge chakra and spin with the wind chakra in his arms, the wind chakra would start to suck nearby people. "Whoa, wait. I can't stop!" Neru would then start smacking people around with his fists, as if they were his bitches. "Oww, there goes the nice old lady." After a few minutes, Neru would start to slow down, to see the road all messed up with a dead horse lying near a sewer. "Hehe. I can explain." Before him stood an angry crowd and a few patrolling samurai. The samurai weren't phased. "What? All I did was smack a few people accidently. What's wrong with that?" The samurai would take Neru to the station where Neru would explain what had happen. After half an hour, Neru would be released and wasn't allowed to train outside the training grounds anymore. He would steal one of their swords using the technique Bending light and would give it to a homeless person. "Go wild." Neru would tell the guy. After a few minutes, Neru would arrive back to the training ground. "Hmm, let's give this another shot." Neru would charge his chakra and start spinning, forming his wind chakra again

Words done: 240
Words remaining: 110
Status: Incomplete

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Adding Element to Jutsu [Training]
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