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 Fukushu Uzumaki (Complete)

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Fukushu Uzumaki
Fukushu Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Fukushu Uzumaki (Complete)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:42 pm

Fukushu Uzumaki

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Uzumaki, Fukushu
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: July 23
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 160 lbs

Specializations: Kenjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Katon

Rank: Jounin
Village: Aerogakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Fukushu usually keeps to himself. He goes about his own business and rarely talks to anyone else unless they interest him somehow or speak to him first. Although he is quiet he is in no way a pushover. If someone challenges him or threatens him he won't hesitate to fight back or prove what he is capable of. He believes in leaving peoples business alone and is thoroughly offended if they try to pry deeper in his own without his consent.

Likes: Fukushu loves privacy, he much rather prefers to be by himself than with others, it gives him time to delve through his own mind in peace. He also loves to prove his strength to others and show that he is worthy of respect be it in casual things or in combat. Finally, he reveres his clan for all they have done in history, and at one point he had striven to do as they had done, but things didn't quite work out as he had liked.

Dislikes/Fears: His deepest hatred on this earth is the Organization known as the Raksaka. If he hears anything from someone about the organization he will relentless interrogate them for any information they possess on them to increase his own knowledge of their plans. Not only are they he deepest hatred but they are also his most crippling fear. He constantly worries that they will find him before he is trained enough to be able to defend himself and end their organization.

Motivation: As of now Fukushu has one thing that motivates him in life. Revenge. He wants nothing more than to destroy the Raksaka's mission and goal before proceeding to kill each and every last member of the organization. He wants to not only gain vengeance for what they did to him, but also prevent them from doing it ever again.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: Shinobi's Heart

Bloodline Ability:The Uzumaki's Bloodline gets its name from the founder of the clan, a woman named Kira. She is said to have possessed the kindest, strongest heart, and through this, she united many villages under one banner of peace. She is responsible for aiding in the creation of the Empire, being one of the loyal disciples of the Great Sage. There are three distinct traits of the Uzumaki Bloodline that every clanmate has a part of.

1. Longevity. Every Uzumaki, because of their strong hearts, have been known to live for unnaturally long times. Some well-known Uzumaki clanmates have been recorded to have lived for nigh two-hundred years.

2. Life force. The Uzumaki clan has been well-known for the legendary "guts" that their Bloodline grants them. They are able to take hits, injuries, and seemingly deadly blows, and are able to keep standing back up to fight once more (This is realistic though. If you take a fatal hit, you're dead, but they have a unique ability to brace through pain much easier than most people). Basically, their stamina is boosted to uniquely high levels. They can fight harder and longer and still not fall down.

3. Fuuinjutsu Excellency. Every single Uzumaki has been well-known for their prowess in the art of Fuuinjutsu (Or sealing Ninjutsu). They have the ability to use all Fuuinjutsu at a cost of the rank below that of which they use. (B Rank Fuuinjutsu expends C Rank chakra)

The Uzumaki clan also has a unique ability in the bloodline that isn't available in the same state to every member. They have immense amounts of chakra. By rank, an Uzumaki shinobi will have much more chakra in their chakra pool than other shinobi. The scale for which is this:

Genin- 130 Chakra (+30)

Chuunin- 200 Chakra (+50)

Special Jounin- 270 Chakra (+70)

Jounin- 340 Chakra (+90)

S-Rank- 450 Chakra (+100)

Now, where the Uzumaki are excellent in all of the field mentioned above, they are severely restricted as far as brain capacity. This doesn't mean that they are any less smart, it merely means that their training potential is nullified greatly. Because of this, members of the Uzumaki clan are only permitted 3 specializations (One of which MUST be Fuuinjutsu, and all of which can be used to S-Rank). Uzumaki clanmates are only allowed to have one elemental affinity to apply to jutsu

History of Clan: The creation of the Uzumaki clan started as far back as the Great Sage of more than 2,000 years ago in the First Era. One of the disciples of the Sage, a woman named Kira, possessed unique abilities. These abilities included uniqueness and excellency in Fuuinjutsu, longevity of life, a powerful life force, and an immense chakra pool. She was extremely kindhearted and strong-willed, and because of this, her descendants known as the Uzumaki Clan, would forever possess these traits as well.

Kira spread the teachings of the Great Sage, and even filled his shoes as the greatest shinobi in the world after his passing. She assisted greatly in unifying the 5 Great Villages for the first time, forming the original Empire. Because of her, the nomadic tribes and smaller clans had unified under one banner and had come finally to peace. She believed in equality for all, and that peace was to be the dominant quality of any governmental group. It was because of this peace-loving that the Uzumaki clan did not take a side in the war when it emerged in the Second Era. They migrated to a small village in the Woods Province called Elkwood and unified as a neutral party from the war.

When the clans of the Empire and the Rebellion saw that the powerful Uzumaki clan had unified, they both agreed that it would be best to make sure they did not enter the war, as they had the potential to wipe out both the Empire AND the Rebellion. So, on what is known forever as the Elkwood Massacre, both massive armies marched on Elkwood, and murdered as many Uzumaki as they could. The survivors were forced to flee and seek shelter across the world, settling in far-off places such as the Ressa Desert and the Tundra Province. The very few Uzumaki left in the world today have not pledged themselves to any allegiance, but the village Hidden int he Forest still holds dear their strong friendship with the clan that they forged when the clan migrated to Elkwood originally. Morigakure was the only village to refuse to march on the clan, and because of this, they put the emblem of the Uzumaki clan on all shinobi gear as a mark of an old friendship.

Today, the Uzumaki clan has begun to resurface all over the globe. Perhaps they will play a part in the war today?

Location of Clan: Scattered

Section 4: Background

Character History:
Fukushu was born in the middle of the summer in the Village Hidden in the Forest to an Uzumaki father and a Dovahkiin mother. As the past has shown, even though his parents were from separate clans he had inherited every trait from the Uzumaki side of the family including their trademark vibrant red hair. Throughout his childhood he was a happy little boy, always willing to play with any one who asked. His personality made it so that he preferred to play with a group of kids that did more physical things such as wrestling and races, he liked to take a more physical approach to life rather than mental. At the age of 6 Fukushu was enrolled in the ninja academy of Morigakure. He was very strong in ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu as he was expected to be due to his clans abilities, but he also showed an amazing prowess with blades and other kinds of weapons. He quickly went through the academy and graduated at the age of 10 and was officially a genin of Morigakure.

He went on missions with his squad and gained a lot of experience, and it wasn't long until a recruiter of the Imperial army arrived and began to put Fukushu through the tests to make him a chuunin, and an official solider of the imperial army. Fukushu was brought up to think two separate things about the war, in the academy they told him the empire was right but his father always told him that the war needed to be stopped and the villages joined together, like his ancestors desired. Fukushu believed that people could believe what they would like and he wouldn't tell them one way or the other, he focused simply on his own believes not those of others. He did the tests and passed all of them, but the day before his official inducting into the army something happened. It was the middle of the night and an Uchiha broke into his family's home, but this man wasn't an average thief, he claimed himself to be a recruiter for an organization called the Raksaka. He was looking for someone, someone with amazing prowess in Fuuinjutsu and his search brought him to the Uzumaki man. His father refused to help such an organization and it resulted in the Uchiha killing both him and his wife. Fukushu witnessed this himself and he let his rage get the best of him and he attacked the man. He stood no chance and fought until both of his legs were broken, and one of his arms fractured. At the end of the fight the Uchiha, realizing that Fukushu was an Uzumaki, told him to build up his strength and that he would return to take him back to the Raksaka to work for them using his seals. After he said this he planted a seal that covered almost all of his upper body that he would use to track his progress and hunt him down when he thought he was ready to join them.

After this incident Fukushu changed completely, He recovered quickly due to the Uzumaki blood running through his veins, but the mental impact it had on him would stick much longer. He no longer was outgoing and focused only inwardly on himself, aside from his research. He also refused to go into the imperial army as he knew they would restrict him with rules and regulations and he would have the speed of his revenge hindered. Because he cared nothing about the pitiful war or Morigakure, he didn't hesitate to leave it all behind and head out on his own to prepare. He needed to find a base though, somewhere he could sleep and conduct his research, but there was no where he could go that wouldn't somehow be involved in the war. He then heard about the village that had taken root in the sky and how they claimed neutrality in the war, it was perfect for him. So now he continues to research and train high up above the earth preparing himself for his inevitable battle in the future. He isn't an idiot however, he knows that he won't be able to take the organization all by himself so he has begun a recruitment drive of sorts, searching for others with the same hatred for the Raksaka or the desire to protect the world from domination. He wishes to make a small organization to lead into battle to help him deliver the final blow, ending the threat to humanity that the Raksaka bring.

RP Sample:Something had been bothering me for some time now. The Underruins in my province have been one of the biggest mysterious that has been eluding me for some time now. What secrets did the ruins hold? Did it contain a sleeping beast waiting for someone to disturb it so it can begin its onslaught? Or maybe it contained a power that could rival anything in the world. I didn't care what's in it, I just needed to know whether to leave it alone, dig deeper into it, or wipe it from the face of the earth completely.

I was wearing my kage robe facing the part of the dome right behind me desk. I reached down to the floor and there was a single nail slightly sticking out of the wooden floor. I stepped down on the nail which caused a panel to open up with a seal on it that was placed there by one of my ANBU. It was designed to react only to me or one of my ANBUs chakra signatures and after I allowed my chakra to react with it I teleported into the Radice delle Tenebre, the ANBU headquarters and confidential library of Fukamigakure.

I approached the woman at the front desk of the library. She had long black hair and kept a stern look on her face and when she looked at me said in a professional tone of voice "Good evening Shinkage sir, what may I help you with." I put my hands down on her desk and replied in a tone as serious as she delivered her question "I need any and all information pertaining to the Underruins of the Deep Sea province, think you can help me out? I would keep my face serious locking eyes with her. She would simply nod to me and start walking down the hall expecting me to follow.

I would follow her down the expansive halls of the headquarters. There were books on every wall going all the way up to the ceiling. I had only been down here once before when I was put into the office of kage and that was only for a brief explanation, I had never seen this part of the area. The amount of knowledge my village contained was remarkable, years of knowledge spanning back to the very first settlers of the village were stored in these chambers. Eventually the woman took me to a secluded room with a seal on the door which signified extra security. As she began to remove the seal she said to me "The Underruins are a sensitive topic for the ANBU, because we don't exactly know what's in them we don't want to risk any chance of the public finding out of its existence, that's why its under such tight security." She would unseal the door and open it revealing a room about 50x50 feet with every wall covered in book cases filled to the top row with letters, books, and journals. There was a small wooden desk in the center with a single chair next to it. There was also a stone fireplace burning in the northern wall, providing the only light source for the entire room. I began to enter gazing at the walls wondering where to start, before leaving me to my research the woman said one more thing to me "This is all the information we have ever gathered be it from myth or factual data dealing with the Underruins, I hope you find what you're looking for Shinkage sir." I looked back to her, smiled, and nodded before saying "Thank you very much, you've been a great help." The woman smiled slightly at me before closing the door behind me, I had a lot of research to do.
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Fukushu Uzumaki
Fukushu Uzumaki

Male Character Age : 17
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Fukushu Uzumaki (Complete)
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