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 Survival Training: Stage One

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Survival Training: Stage One Empty
PostSubject: Survival Training: Stage One   Survival Training: Stage One Icon_minitimeFri Dec 21, 2012 11:51 pm

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I've got some work for you. Here it is.

Background Information: In light of the recent attacks on the village I have devised an extreme training regimen to condition our ninja to be prepared for anything. The regimen contains 5 steps, each more challenging than the next and I've used this harsh environment that we live in to my advantage when constructing this intense work out and not only does it condition the body, but it will allow the ninja to get to know their homeland much better which is an advantage in itself. If you succeed in the entire 5 step training I will count you among the elite of the village and possibly admit you into the ANBU division of shinobi of our village, if I see fit. Good luck, you'll need it.

Stage One: The Smoldering Race

Step 1 of the training, and most definitely the easiest, is for you to race three miles through the Smoldering Forest. The forest has heavy smoke that burns your lungs, blurs your vision, and makes your body heat up at a largely elevated pace. This is not only a physical test, but a mental test as well, designed to condition your mind to force your body to keep going as the difficulties of the battlefield often require. Just like in the heat of battle you are not allowed to stop, and if you do so you will instantly fail the mission. This is the first step of your training, don't let me down.

Description: -Post a topic in The Smoldering Forest titled Survival Training: Stage One [Mission]
-Describe the three mile race through the forest over ten posts, each post being 150+ words
-Post back for the reward

NPC (If required): -

Difficulty: D Rank

Reward: 2000 ryo
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Survival Training: Stage One
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