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 Haru - Renga - Yuurei

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PostSubject: Haru - Renga - Yuurei   Haru - Renga - Yuurei Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 5:57 pm

Haru Raba - Power hungry general of the Imperial Army and Taiyoukage of Jokigakure. He is also the wielder of the second sword of the divide - The Gunblade of the Lionheart

Renga Tekuta - Fuuinjutsu master and user of the scorch release. Younger brother of Shizen Tekuta, the kage of Fukamigakure

Yuurei - Assassin specializing in Ijutsu and Fuuinjutsu related torture
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Haru - Renga - Yuurei
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