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 Demon's Gateway: Cursed Seal Inscription - wip

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PostSubject: Demon's Gateway: Cursed Seal Inscription - wip   Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:19 am

Name: Demon's Gateway: Cursed Seal Inscription
Rank of Jutsu: -
Element Affinity: -
Type: Juuinjutsu
Distance: Physical Contact
Description: This is a general skill granted to Shinobu from his blackened blood rather than a learned technique. Rather than chakra this technique calls upon the very essence of Shinobu's inner demon that uses this ability as a way to allow the imprint of black chakra onto others. When this ability is activated a layer of black chakra spreads out to covers Shinobu's left arm from his clavicle to his fingertips. This chakra then takes the form of a chakra demon arm that solidifies and becomes real, the end result being a grotesque and deformed arm of bulging muscle that ends in a claws with three talon-like fingers. Each of these fingers represent one of the three great Oni brothers from Shinobu's homeland that imprinted themselves onto him at birth.

Demon Brothers:

Yama - The King of the Mountain: Yama is a cruel and twisted soul that takes the most pleasure in torturing those he imprints himself onto out of the brothers. He is said to be born from the mountains themselves and thus his heart is one of stone, never caring for humans as anything other than food. Even when he has been mastered the king of the mountain is only begrudgingly obedient.

Umi - The Queen of the Sea:

Sora - The Lord of the Sky:

Each of the brother's are able to implant their influence on one person at a time (except for Yama who has influence over Shinobu and one other person), this means that whenever someone dies their curse mark fades and is able to be planted on someone else.

Once implanted the mark appears on the target's left shoulder blade and the blood in their veins changes color to black. The blackened blood is a side effect that will stay until they die. In addition to these things the demon at that point now exists within the mind of those they marked and speak to them as a bijuu would.


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Demon's Gateway: Cursed Seal Inscription - wip
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