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 Kumagawa, Alius - Complete

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PostSubject: Kumagawa, Alius - Complete   Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:48 pm

Alius M. Kumagawa

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Kumagawa, Alius
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthday: 9/9

Specializations: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Storm, Lightning, Water

Rank: Jounin
Village: Chikagakure

Section 2: Personality
(Entire Section must be in Paragraph Format)

Personality:  Kumagawa is almost never seen without his trademark smile. It is always seen on his face whether he is breaking down a ninja's plan, peeping on women, or vivdly describing his wildest fantasies infront of anyone he will always keep a wide innocent smile on his face. Kumagawa is also very hard to anger, due to the fact that he is very laid back.
Unfortunately Kumagawa is very lazy. He will do almost whatever it takes to avoid work but unfortunately he usually fails. Kumagawa is no above using his signature innocent smile and supposed 'good looks' to get whatever he needs to do done, and will do it if it makes his life easier.

Likes:Kumagawa likes a few things. He loves women and peeping on them, its his favorite pass time to look at the naked body of the female gender. He also loves to gamble, after spending most of his life playing the gamble called life he's come to find a solemn pleasure in gamble but unlike everyone else he the only person that gambles to lose. Kumagawa also likes to play chess and shogi, he doesn't like to win but he does enjoy the mental struggle that comes when he plays the game even if he does win. Kumagawa also likes to draw when he can't sleep and sing when he is drunk, he actually can sing pretty well.. He just refuses to do it when sober.

Dislikes/Fears:Winners, those who were born strong, the ones who will never know failure, never know the pleasure of losing, those who will never know the feeling of the struggle. Kumagawa both dislikes and feels sorry for those kind of people. Those with so much talent that they don't understand what it is like to fail. Kumogawa also doesn't like to talk much about himself, in his mind there is no reason for him to really say anything about himself. Most times when people ask anything about him he will usually attempt to avoid the question

Motivation:To surpass someone with talent, to crush a winner. Its probably the closest thing you will get to motivation for him. Though he knows that it contradicts his own principles of always being a loser. It's the only thought that brings him pleasure. To win against a winner while still being a loser. How does one accomplish that? It is a thought that allows him to wake up in the morning and keep him going

Character Flaws: Kumagawa wouldn't call it a flaw but he likes to drink, smoke, and gamble. He can be too laid back and be too easy going. He sometime can be inappropriate and immature at times, usually it comes with smiling or saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Fortunately it doesn't happen often


Section 3

Face Claim: Dr. Shamal- Hitman Reborn
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 156lbs

Section 4

Bloodline: N/A
Bloodline Ability: N/A
History of Clan: N/A
Location of Clan: N/A

Section 5

Character History: Infancy:

Many shinobi have humble beginnings of loss at young age. Kumagawa was no different, in the stage of infantry he was taken by a secret group of shinobi. Their goal was to perform a dark jutsu which could truly give eternal life but it came at a coss. Each shinobi had to collect the hearts of 5 powerful shinobi infants of pure chakra nature and sacrifice them to the ritual jutsu. Taking Kumagawa they identified him as a water nature shinobi, like the other children he had an
abundance of chakra. The group had possession of Kumagawa for around a month before they began to perform the jutsu.

The shinobi began to stab the infants. Starting with fire, then earth, then when he came to water, he stood over Kumagawa. Lifting the kunai the shinobi began to bring down the kunai pointing at Kumagawa’s soft chest. Luckily the kunai only scratched his chest. The shinobi on the other hand fell to the ground, his neck snapped. Behind the shinobi stood a giant monkey. No, not kidding a giant monkey. The monkey lifted Kumagawa from the ritual pedestal and handed him to a familiar man with a shinobi headband. It was Kumagawa’s father. Kumagawa was still too young to understand what was being said but what he did know was that he wasn’t exactly in the safest place even if he was in his father’s arms. His father seemed to exchange words with a strange dark errie voice that still haunted Kumagawa’s mind to this day. Then Kumagwa was handed to his mother who handed him to a monkey that took him and the other shinobi children home.

Hours passed, Kumagawa stayed in his house alone with a single shinobi monkey. The monkey did entertain Kumagawa for an hour or two but it was obvious even to the 2 month old that something was wrong. And unfortunately for Kumagawa he was right. Coming through the door was his father being supported by his mother. His father had multiple stab wounds in the back and his skin was as white as snow. His mother who also looked pale only had one arm. Her left arm was only a stub where her entire forearm once was. The moment they came in the father lifted from the mother’s grasp and hobbled over to Kumagawa. Looking at his son Kumagawa’s father smiled, and placed a long chain neclace next to Kumagawa before finally passing away. His mother had passed out once the father let go, the shinobi monkey moved to take care of Kumagawa’s mother and tried to do the same for his father. Unfortunately Kumagawa was aware of the truth before the monkeys and was the first to cry out. Kumagawa had lost his father.


Like everyone else Kumagawa was a relatively happy kid. He enrolled in the ninja academy and like most he did well. He never really had much problem doing anything or so people would think. Though he never had any real stress or any tangible reason he was alway protective of his mother. His mother though she had lost both her husband and her left arm she had never quit being a shinobi and not only did she not quit she started to become infamous as the one handed demonic siren of the rain.

In fact she made sure to encourage Kumagawa to be like his father, to be a strong shinobi and make the name Kumagawa feared. Unfortunately Kumagawa still being a young child didn’t care much about being well known but he did care about his mother’s wishes and well being. Seeing as he was the one who took care of her wounds and was trained by her after ninja academy, he couldn’t help but worry about her when she came back late at night after a 2 day mission with her one good arm bleeding profusely.

Either way, Kumagawa did what he could to make life easy for his mother. He cooked and cleaned, and treated his mother wounds and in turn she made the money for the household and trained him after school. It was a relatively simple setup and a easy one.


When Kumagawa became a shinobi he was assigned to his mother’s team. He and his teammates completed mission after mission. Going through thick and thin, fighting bandits and other shinobi fending off crazy animals and crazy cat ladies. Kumagawa and his team did it all, and they always did it well.. Then when Kumagawa became a jounin at 16, his mother picked up a A ranked mission for just her and her son as a sort of reward.

Thinking it of being a easy mission Kumagawa took it with a grain of salt and lazed around for most of the mission. Unfortunately for them they were attacked by other shinobi. Kumagawa was quickly knocked out by some sort of genjitsu.

Waking up in the mud, Kumagawa could hear the sounds of battle through trees surrounding where Kumagawa was knocked out at. Moving toward the sound Kumagawa could see 7 dead bodies surrounding two shinobi’s who were locked in battle. One of the shinobi was Kumagawa’s mother who was casting her jutsus with only one hand. The other man had dark red, almost crimson hair whose body morphed in both shape and size.

From Kumagawa’s perspective they looked to be about even when it came to skill but one thing was obvious to him. His mother was slowly tiring, her opponent seemed to just be getting started. Slowly but surely the mystery shinobi began to began to overwhelm Kumagawa’s mother.

Sighing Kumagawa decided to step into battle and help his mother. Fortunately his sudden arrival surprised the shinobi giving Kumagawa a chance to stab him with the kunai. His arrival also surprised his mother almost causing her to kill her own son with an icicle spear. She stood stunned for a moment. The shinobi took the chance and using his shape shifting forearm he smashed Kumagawa’s mother into a tree.

Watching his mother get sent sprawling into a tree. Something in Kumagawa snapped. He didn’t give the shinobi a chance to retaliate. He grabbed the shinobi and threw him over his shoulder. Then before the shinobi could do anymore handsigns Kumagawa stabbed the shinobi in the hand with the kunai. At that point Kumagawa blacked out. It wasn’t long until Kumagawa regained his senses. Only to find himself holding his mother. Her head was bleeding and the shinobi that Kumagawa had attacked was nowhere to be found. His mother looked at kumagawa and after a near silent conversation with her son she also passed into the void.

Once he got back to the village Kumagawa became violent, he would break,crush, and destroy anything he could get his hands on. Pots, dishes, and even window he broke it all but luckily for him and many others he spent most if not all of his time in his home. He had spent his entire life worrying and caring for his mother that she was nearly the center of his universe. Fortunately he  The taste of food began to dull, the sky seemed dimmer, his entire view of the world began to change. He would spend days sitting inside of the room that was once his mother’s and just look at the pictures she had of him when he was smaller. Tears would roll down his eyes as he looked at his mother. He could still feel her over his shoulder telling him to train instead of sitting around doing nothing. Of course Kumagawa just stayed in his home mourning the loss of his mother in a somewhat empty house. Even though Kumagawa lived in the house alone there were one or two visitors who would come and visit offering condolences. But Kumagawa would turn them away, there was only one person that would even be able to get pass the doorway and it wasn't a normal human, it was a monkey.

Sun Wukong, a quiet monkey when around a huge group of people, but is very chatty and sassy when around a small group of people. He typically spends most of his time when summoned fighting which he spends tearing his opponent limb from limb. When not fighting he can be seen lazing around or pestering Kumagawa to take a mission and to stop being lazy. Speaking of Kumagawa, Sun and Kumagawa are very close, they've known each other since Kumagawa was spirited away from his family and because of that Sun is very protective of Kumagawa almost as if they were brothers. Sun Wukong had known Kumagawa since he was born and was contracted to his father, mother, and Kumagawa. Sun Wukong was the shinobi monkey that had brought Kumagawa back from the kidnappers hideout where his father died. To Kumagawa he was the only one who could understand how Kumagawa felt because he knew Kumagawa's mother just as well as he did and knew Kumagawa just as well as his mother did. Unlike his mother Sun Wukong was always there. Sun Wukong was the only one who could pull Kumagawa out of the slump.

And that he did. Sun Wukong took Kumagawa to a funeral but not just any funeral, but it was the funeral of his mother on the island of the monkeys. There Sun Wukong did something he almost never did, he sat and drank which he almost never did infront of Kumagawa and told Kumagawa about both his parents. The adventures they once had as a team and whatever small things he could remember about the two. Kumagawa could only sit there and listen. He didn't know what to say, he just nodded as he listened. But deep inside he realized that Sun Wukong could have been in worst pain then Kumagawa and with that could finally let go. Then after a few days of recovery in the island of the monkeys with Sun Wukong he was able to get his summoned familiar to be his roommate. From there on he began to recover from the death of his mother but he still feels pain deep inside himself about it.

Once he got back to the village Kumagawa got into gambling. Was it to hide the pain of losing his mother? Probably. Kumagawa also began to smoke and attempt to avoid missions from the higher ups. Unfortunately he was still sent on missions but he took every mission seriously and never allowed himself to lose. Years passed and Kumagawa went through gamble after gamble and fought many shinobis and konichis.

RP Sample: Training, most Saiyans lived for it but not Okara. He did it to quiet the voices in his head, they were always screaming at him to train. To work on his lower body then his upper, the finally his cardio. The voices sounded like a broken record. Of course Okara would still do as they said so he could get a moment of peace and quiet. Punching the air Okara was training his endurance, If a Saiyan could withstand much they can deal much, his mother would say... Other than 'Get your lazy ass off the ground and start training... no son of mine is going to be space trash."

As he continued to attack the air in front of himself he looked to hear someone coming toward him. "Ahhhh!!!" The man screamed as he sent a kick toward Okara's rib cage. Okara lifted his arm and blocked the attack midway. It was weak so Okara could tell that the man meant no real harm. Pushing the kick away Okara decided to answer the man.

"Hello there, I'm Okara, I woke up a day or two ago. I've training in here for most of that time." Okara said smiling then he pointed at Mokra's leg. "If that is how you kick most of the time, Then I wouldn't worry much about me dying just yet" Okara laughed knowing that the man was going easy on him. There couldn't possibly be Saiyans weaker then him here. Still smiling Okara looked at Mokra before asking, "Hey? wanna spar. I need a training partner, it gets tiring training by myself."

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PostSubject: Re: Kumagawa, Alius - Complete   Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:53 pm

Everything is great but you need 500 more words for a Jounin app in your history

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PostSubject: Re: Kumagawa, Alius - Complete   Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:53 pm

History comes near 1700 words, Approved!

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PostSubject: Re: Kumagawa, Alius - Complete   Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:13 pm



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Kumagawa, Alius - Complete
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