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 Rasengan - Special Case Jutsu

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Bryn T. Stormblood
Bryn T. Stormblood

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PostSubject: Rasengan - Special Case Jutsu   Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:06 am


Rank of Jutsu: A

Element Affinity: N/A

Type: Ninjutsu

Distance: Direct Contact

Description: Rather than hand seals the Rasengan requires the user to build up chakra directly in the palm of their hand, while this technique is being charged the hand charging the technique is unable to be used as over time the sphere of chakra is steadily forming until the sphere is large enough to take up the space of the caster's open palm. The length of this charge is equal to the number of rounds the caster would normally spend performing hand seals based on their rank. In addition, if the caster is lower than jonin class they are required to use their other hand to help spin the chakra, this is due to their lack of mastery over chakra flow and control when dealing with shape transformation.

In a sense the rasengan is a spherical drill which grinds and tears away at the things it comes into contact with. The destructive force it carries is enough to tear through almost any substance, the only exception being the unidentified substance that the seven swords of the divide are composed of. This destructive side is one use of the rasengan that is often used when the caster is attempting to kill someone or break through something, there is however another more casual use of the technique.

Should the caster desire they can refocus the destructive force of the rasengan into it's rotation speed. This use of the technique causes almost no damage when used. Normally causing half inch deep lacerations and first degree contact burns in a spiral on the area touched. To make up for the minimal damage this use of the technique sort of suction cups onto the target and launches them away from the caster. While the sphere of chakra disperses after attaching to the target they themselves being to spin clockwise and are launched up to 100 yards away at 70 mph. If propelled into a solid surface such as a stone wall or the ground the target would be subject to broken bones.

The rasengan at first is only able to be used once per topic, however through training the caster is able to master the technique fully and gain more uses of it. Should a caster of this technique perform a training topic of at least 1500 words to master the rasengan they are then able to use the technique an additional round each topic. This process can be repeated though the maximum numbers of uses someone can obtain per topic is 3. Should the caster be able to use this technique more than once per topic there is an 8 round cool down between those uses.

The Rasengan has 3 spots. (Two currently empty)
1) Fukushu Uzumaki
2) _______
3) _______

Price: 25,000 Ryo
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Rasengan - Special Case Jutsu
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