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 No Face: Slender Man

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PostSubject: No Face: Slender Man   Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:25 pm

Background Info: We've lied to you. We've known about Slender Man for weeks. We've tried...we've tried to stop it. We've sent our best ninja after him but nothing. They don't come back. Nothing is left of them. And this beasts mocks us, taking more children, making more people go mad. The assassins you killed...they were our own men. This being can control people. Defeat him and come back. Please.

Description: You find a note in the middle of a clearing: "I....I am trapped in the forest. I can't get out. I found these pages...I don't know why I was compelled to. This thing, this Slender Man is watching me. Right now he is. I can feel it. But, when I look around he isn't there. I've seen childrens toys scattered around, teddy bears. is it. What does it do with the children. He's here. He's here. HE'S WATCHING ME! No. No he isn't. No face. Always watching. No face. Always watching. If you're reading this, he's found you. He's lured you into his trap. I..I don't know what will happen to me. Oh god. OH GOD OH GOD!! (the rest is not legible. There seems to be a black liquid on it.)" It has all been a set up. Fight Slender Man. Kill it.

- In a topic consisting of no less than 2400 words battle the slender man.

- Make it realistic or the reward will be forfeited.

- When you are finished post the completed topic here, along with the word count.

- A minimum of B ranks are recommended to take the mission. Anyone lower will die.

- Because of the last mission, all attributes are lowered by 10%.

NPC (If any):

Slender Man

- Treated as an S rank being. Speed is 20% increased.
- Skin is as tough as steel.
- Slender Man can sprout 15 foot long tentacles that can penetrate steel easily. It can sprout a maximum of six tentacles. The tentacles can move at an S rank speed.
- Has an S rank skill in genjutsu.
- Has the ability to induce massive paranoia by just a tilt of the head. If you see this you will begin to see Slender Man everywhere.
- Has the ability to teleport, but cannot use it to attack you only to escape. A cooldown of three posts.
- If Slender man grabs you and holds you for three posts, you are dead.

Reward: 20000 Ryo
- If you choose to have someone RP as slender man you gain a 10,000 ryo bonus.

Difficulty: S


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No Face: Slender Man
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